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We are 3 women, loving the pleasure of creativity, with the idea of making something to wear, for all women around the world, for any occation.


Our attention have for many years been drawn to the garment you can not live without. The garment that says elegance more than anything. Beauty that shows simplicity. The feelgood garment that makes you shine and gives you flattering comments. The garment you love.

The kimono. 


The versatile garment that will be there for you. When you wake up in the morning and smell the coffee, the kimono will softly wrap around you to complete the good morning feeling.

On your way to everyday living, as a dress or a jacket , the kimono will allways suit your dayplanner if it is business or pleasure.

To evening social events and parties, the kimono can be your elegant dress or the cover-up when you dont know what to wear.

And when you are on vacation or just taking a stoll on the nearby beach, the kimono looks beautiful as the flowing piece over your bikini.


Tie it around your waist and puff it up, or let it hang loose and surround your body. You know how the kimono always will fit your body and style.





Our brandname means what you love. Isn’t that just beautiful? It also means that you don’t have any formal competance, just pure passion for what you do. And behind the brand there are three passionate women. Passionate about fashion for women all over the world, regardless of country, culture, religion, shapes and sizes.





We want to focus on this one well designed product. After years of trying kimonoes, nerding about seem, lining, fabrics, cut and fit, we are now presenting our elegant version of this garment for you. The kimonoes are handmade by an extraordernary skilled tailor, in Poland. She treats every garment as a special request and uses her knowledge and handcraft to make every piece high fashion. The fabric we use are handpicked by us.We make exclusive, one of a kind – kimonoes. They are only avalible for purchase on our website. Follow us on instagram for update and inspiration.




STAFF: Hanna Wu 

                  Merete Heggernes

                  Marianne Omland






"something to wear"

Loving the pleasure of creativity, making something to wear, for all women around the world, for any occation.


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